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Sunday, May 21, 2006

You Want To Marry Me?

During the past two weeks since I arrived in Ghana, I have received several marriage proposals. The scenario goes like this:

I would approach a pineapple stand on the street for example and order a pineapple. The man would tell me that he loves me. Then I would ask how he can love me without even knowing my name. Then he would ask for my name and then tells me he wants to marry me.

I usually try to make a laugh out of this whole situation so then I would usually tell him that my bride price is 50 cows. I would ask him if he has 50 cows and he would most likely say no. Then I would tell him to get going on it and I leave (with my pineapple in hand.)

Why would these men tell me that they want to marry me? Obviously it is not because they love me. Is it because I am "white" and they want to go to Canada with me? I have people constantly asking me how they can go to Canada or if I can take them with me. I tell them that I will take them if they fit in my bag.

Do Ghanaians see Canada as a paradise that they want to go so badly? If so then why? Is it because Canadians are friendly? Is it because of Canada's reputation as peacekeepers in the international community, or is it because Ghanaians see Ghana as having no hope?

But there is hope for Ghana. From the little time I have spent here, I have noticed that Ghanaians are very hard working. They are not lazy. Contrary to what some people think, Ghanaians are not poor because they are lazy. The people in the village of Challam wake up at 5am everyday and attend their fields and work all day long. Their work ethics can teach some people in Canada about dedication and determination.

So then why are these people poor if they are so hard working? I understand that there are many external factors that affect their state of being that are out of their reach, but it is extremely unfair that hard working people are poor. I guess if hard working people lead to development then none of the developing countries would be having a problem, as there are plenty of hard working people. I just hope that they will be able to see the benefits of their hard work soon.


Blogger Paul Carriere said...

Hey Mari;
It's Paul Carriere, I've been pretty religiously reading your blogs but now I've finally bit the bullet and signed up for a stupid account.....

Anyways, I'm pretty shocked by what you've been posting for the last couple blogs. I'm honestly blown away.

I suppose that marriage, even in Ghana, is still seen as a free ticket for some people. Are there any 'white/western' people in Ghana that are not working for an NGO? It seems to me like it would be a strange choice to make Ghana your home if the locals consider you satan....

Everyone here in Canada is extremely proud of the work your doing Mari! Keep those spirits high

Paul Carriere

P.S. I just got 500$ from the Burquitlam Lions

10:42 AM  

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