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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ghana so far

The past week in Ghana has been amazing. Accra seems similar to Vancouver in many ways, such as having the ocean near by, but more different than anything. It is very hot, dusty and very busy. Taxis are honking from all directions and people on the street are calling out obruni, which means white person. It is something that takes time getting used to.

I met with the KITE people at the office in Accra and I must say it has been an interesting experience to say the least. The people working there are quite dynamic and have interesting characters. It will be an interesting office dynamic.

I traveled to Kumasi, which is known as the "garden city" as it is lush and green with vegetation. This is the heart of the Ashanti region and famous for gold and other traditional items. We stayed at a Baptist guest house, which was quite beautiful. I am traveling with Monica, who is the long term volunteer to KITE from EWB and she will be staying in Accra for a year. I am also traveling with Troy from UBC and Jessica from University of Calgary, who are both short term volunteers like me and they will be working in Atebubu and Tamale respectively in KITE's partner organizations. The stay in Kumasi was too short and I was not able to visit the traditional and cultural locations, so hopefully I will be able to return shortly.

The trip to Atebubu was most interesting. I never imagined that I would be driving passed mango fields listening to Celine Dion blasting from the speakers. The men here love her.

The internet is getting all wonky here, so the rest will be continued in the near future.


Blogger yasmine said...

i havent been reading your blog, cause i have been awfully busy! but ill be home in a week! and i thought i would tell u to keep up and make the stories juicy!


8:23 AM  
Blogger Gi said...

Wow it is good to see Mari and Yasmin here.

How are you guys doing??

11:58 PM  

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